I took the first step to building my first project car in 2006 when I decided to become a Fabricator/Welder to learn the necessary skills to weld and form steel.
While I was studying I found the car I wanted to build, a 1972 Toyota KE20 Corolla, stock standard, wrapped azzz!

Building a car is no easy feat, with the rules and regulations always changing, finding the time to get stuck in and of course having enough funds to maintain the build. There were a lot of late nights, many hours, but with those late nights and hours came progress. And after 5years, I completed the build. I was lucky enough to have my KE20 featured in the 20th Birthday Collector’s edition of the NZ Performance Car Mag and also had the privilege of meeting the infamous American car builder and icon, Chip Foose who gave it the old thumbs up.

This is one of my Arduous moments, and a goal I was stoked to achieve.

Kasey – Founder of Arduous